Submission Guidelines

Editorial Mission

KLAFFStyle is a unique, online magazine created for and by those involved in building and/or improving homes – homeowners, designers and builders. The editorial mission of KLAFFStyle is to:

  • Connect the dots between home improvement and improving your life; demonstrate how quality lighting, kitchen, bath and hardware products can support and benefit your lifestyle.
  • Expose you to a wide range of home improvement options – trendy and traditional – and advise you how to evaluate them for form and function so that you can confidently make great choices for your home.
  • Extend Klaffs’ quality, value and service approach to this informative and entertaining new resource.

The key editorial elements of KLAFFStyle are designed to:

  • Provide information/news of interest to our community of homeowners, designers and builders
  • Share ideas and experience from both home improvement professionals and Klaffs customers that can help you with your project

The KLAFFStyle editorial board, editor-in-chief, managing editor and community manager lead the editorial mission. They:

  • Reach out to brand partners and other noted experts in home building, home improvement, lifestyle/home trends and related topics for exclusive articles and commentary.
  • Create guidelines for brand partners, professionals and customers to voluntarily submit content ideas and content for posting on Klaffs.com.
  • Review voluntary content submissions to ensure that they meet submission and editorial guidelines.
  • Seek out and curate news and features that fit the editorial mission.


Content Submission Guidelines


Content submissions from KLAFFS brand partners and professional designers and builders should be developed in accordance with the information that follows. Once you have reviewed this material, please download the more detailed content brief appropriate to your role.

We’re pleased to provide a unique platform for you to share your thoughts, ideas and experience.

Klaffs.com welcomes diverse points of view and expertise from those who touch home improvement from the perspectives of products and product design, interior design, architecture, quality construction, and lifestyle (including wine and food, healthy living, entertaining).

Submissions may be in the following content categories:

  • Blog posts (500 to 750 words) – Blog posts should provide timely, expert commentary on current trends and issues. They should be written in a professional yet conversational style.
  • Feature Articles (750 to 1200 words) – These can include case studies and topics such as green building and lifestyle, smart homes, communicating your personal style and any of the news categories covered on KLAFFStyle.
  • Whitepapers and other longer form content – These should be research based and make a case for some new, lesser known or emerging aspect of home improvement.
  • Video (60 to 120 seconds) – Videos can present the view of a single spokesperson or can be in interview form. (See technical requirements below.)

All voluntary content submissions:

  • Should be created expressly for the KLAFFStyle community. However, on a case basis, we will consider licensing whitepapers and other research-based content that was developed for other uses.
  • Will be subject to review by the editorial board and to editing for spelling, grammar, style, tone and length. If more significant edits are required, the article will be returned to the author with recommendations.
  • Should be informational and non-commercial in nature.
  • Will become the property of KLAFFS.com, may be publicized via social media and email, and may be further syndicated with attribution to the original author.
  • Are provided to KLAFFS.com for the benefit of the home improvement community without monetary compensation.
  • Should be in compliance with your company’s policy for submitting articles to third parties and have any company-required permissions/approvals in place.
  • Should be provided in the following formats:
    • Blog Posts, Articles –
    • Whitepapers –
    • Slideshows –
    • Videos –
    • Headshots –
    • Other graphics that we may post with permissions in place –
  • Should include:
    • Author’s name and title
    • Company name and division (if applicable)
    • City and state/country
    • Author’s email address and daytime phone number
    • Content topic and a brief summary of the article (up to 500 characters)
    • An author bio blurb (up to 250 characters)
    • A recent author headshot
    • Content sent electronically in the proper format as noted above with Article Submission in the subject line


KLAFFS Customers

Periodically, KLAFFStyle will feature customer projects that illustrate great solutions to situations and problems that significant numbers of others are facing. For example, we’re interested in great new and updated kitchens and baths (of course), creative use of lighting for design and functionality, maximizing space in small homes, creating intimacy in large homes, small changes with big impact – and your unique idea.

If you’re a KLAFFS customer with a project you’re proud of, it’s easy to submit it for consideration. Just click the Submit Project button, fill out a quick form and upload a few key photos.

If the editorial board selects your project for publication on KLAFFStyle, you’ll be interviewed by a journalist for the article and we’ll dispatch a professional photographer to your home to capture your success.

While we can’t accept all submissions, we appreciate your interest in sharing your experience with others and will send you a token of our thanks when we respond to your submission – usually within 30 days.

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