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Lights, Camera, Action! 5 Lighting Categories to Consider for your Media Room

By Sean Ruck, KLAFFStyle Contributor

Hubbardton Forge Shares Illuminating Advice, Tips, Ideas for Any Space

If you get more than coal in your stocking this holiday season – say for example, a big, flat screen TV with a premier sound system – you’re on the way to having a great media room.

While you’ll want comfy seating and your screen perfectly positioned, it’s important to keep your lighting in mind too. The right ambiance will improve your experience. Depending upon where in your home you’ll be creating your new media retreat, following are five types of lighting to consider, thanks to the lighting design experts at Hubbardton Forge.

A Place for Sconces

The real hero of the theatre is the wall sconce. It visually enhances the space and it’s practical. If one of your audience members needs to step out to grab some popcorn, use the restroom, or take a phone call (it’s your theatre, you can make the rules), your dimmable sconces will help them find their way.

Flush or Semi-Flush Mount for Style

Entertainment rooms are often set in finished basements. The lack of windows means less intrusion by the outside world, with no daylight peeking in or noise from traffic or neighbors. It also usually means low ceilings. Fear not! Beautiful flush mount and even semi-flush mount lighting comes in a range of heights with many choices under 10” with quite a few even less than 6”.

Lighting has the Floor

If dedicated lighting isn’t in your future, but you still want style and sophistication, consider floor lamps. One or two floor lamps can do the trick to provide the lighting you need, with the added benefit that you can relocate them if you want to change things up now and then. Many are dimmable too.

Have a table? Have a Table Lamp

Like floor lamps, table lamps are portable and provide the ability to dress your space up in a “plug-and- play” way. Another benefit is that they can be positioned to keep the light generally focused in one area of the room – for example, where you keep the remote for your video player and screen.

For High Ceilings, the Sky’s the Limit

Although not everyone is fortunate enough to have high ceilings in their media room, for those who do, the lighting choices are wide open. From classic chandeliers, to striking, contemporary pendants—everything’s up for consideration.

At the end of the day, lighting is an important part of your movie magic. Stop into KLAFFS lighting department and – presto!! – you can add just the right lighting to your home theater.

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