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About Us

Welcome to the new Klaffs.com and our innovative online magazine KlaffStyle! We’re dedicated to helping you complete your new home or home renovation seamlessly – whatever your style or budget. Here you’ll find top brands at best prices. Our buyers literally travel the world to bring back the latest home technology and the best product design – some that qualifies as true art. Our brand partners call us in to consult on new designs – so we’re trend makers as well as trend spotters.

And at Klaffs, you’ll find what you can’t get on the Internet – the most knowledgeable advice, service and support you’ll find anywhere in the marketplace.

We’re family owned for almost a century and we’re an extended family that includes our entire staff. Our home design consultants have been with us an average of 18 years – and as long as 30 years. Those who are newer to Klaffs have been in the industry – often for many years – before joining us.


We’re a show business family going back to the 1920s and we know how to set the stage for you. Our Norwalk store was created by a famous Broadway theatrical designer and family friend. We were the first home design company to display full kitchen and bath installations, including working kitchens and bath fixtures/faucets that you can test drive.

You’re invited to explore our gorgeous showrooms and beautiful displays. It’s the best possible way to assess your options, see what’s new and learn the ins and outs of bath, kitchen, lighting, tile and accessories selection. You’ll enjoy a feast for your eyes and have a great time touching and trying the items that may end up in your home.

To make your showroom visit even more productive, please come and peruse KlaffStyle often. Look and learn from our in-house experts, our brand partners, the designers, architects and builders who work with us on behalf of their clients – and from customers who will share their Klaffs projects with you.

Today, we all look around online when we shop. But if you can get the same or similar price, often better quality, see and touch what you’re buying, get a reality check from our expert consultants to be sure your selection is right for your project and lifestyle, and know that we’ll stand behind what we sell – it simply makes sense to buy it here. As one of our managers said to a customer recently, “You’ll feel better.”

Klaffs is known among our consumer and trade customers as a reliable, trustworthy resource. We care sincerely about our customers and do whatever it takes to help you make the best choices and to ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for being here, and let us know how we can help.


Joe Passero

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